The Put-in-Bay Yacht Club Needs Your Support

The PIBYC needs your support to improve and enhance the quality of the club's facilities in service of its members and patrons. Your pledge will earmark funds specifically targeted to address the items listed below.

Samsung - 65" Smart - 4K Ultra HD TV

Upgrade the PIBYC entertainment system with this Samsung 4K ultra HD TV. The Smart Hub technology enables viewing live TV, streaming video, and mobile apps. The ultra-clear panel and an LED backlit display provides crisp, glare-free images from virtually any angle. Great for watching those fall football games on the big screen and entertains the kiddos as well while you are hanging out at the club.


Axure Adventure 37' x 33' Playground Set

Fall Height 5'
Designed for Ages 2 - 12

A place for the kids to play and climb in a safe environment. This playground equipment is the same type found in De Rivera park and is designed to last. It would replace the wooden playground structure that is currently there in the playground area at the back of the yacht club.


New Kitchen & Bar Floor Mats

The bar and kitchen need new floor mats. Please help our staff stay safe and comfortable as they prepare spectacular meals and refreshing libations for our members. These commercial grade mats as designed for kitchen and bar applications. A total of 7 mats are needed to replace the deteriorating old mats.


New Entrance Mats

Let’s spice up the entry ways with some new welcome mats. The mats would be similar to the current mats with the yacht club burgee inlayed into the mats. One would be placed at the front entrance and the other at the side entrance. A new addition would be an additional inlayed outdoor mat for the front entrance. What better way to welcome our members and guests into our beautiful club.


New Kitchen Knives and Locking Sanitizer Case

Help our Yacht Club chefs continue to be creative in preparing some fine dining cuisine. The response to the new menu items has been overwhelmingly positive. To spur those new innovative dishes, a good set of kitchen knives for the yacht club kitchen will definitely help. If you have ever volunteered in the kitchen you know that what there is to work with is very limited. So let’s spice it up and help keep those yummy meals coming!


New Sign Refurbish & Installation

If you have ever taken a close look at the sign, you will see it is in need of repair. Please consider pledging a donation for a high quality sign that will also allow for the daily specials to still be posted on the board. Our club is a beautiful place, lets keep up with the times and our signage!


Fireplace Refurbish & Installation of Gas Logs

Help us spice up our original fireplace to allow for fires to be lit on those cool spring evening or long fall nights. We will install new gas logs that will allow for a warming and visually appealing fire in the front room with the flip of a switch. Who wouldn’t want to watch their favorite college team in the Bayview Room with a roaring fire.


Greater Giving Software Subscription

Help us help you! This software will allow for on-going fundraiser events management for long range planning and capital expenditures similar to the pledge items seen here. This software will allow for credit-card payments and track which funds are donated for each item. Once a pledge goal is reached we can proceed with the purchase of said items. The identified software allows for the creation of web based registries that would be available ALL year long.


New Outdoor Speakers & Sonos Connect System

This system will replace the current outdoor speakers so we may continue to enjoy our outdoor music while relaxing on the patio and enjoying the beautiful view of the harbor. It also saves the staff from having to move the back room speaker in and out. This Connect system will allow for the connection to our current wireless microphone system that can also be played and utilized on our current Sonos system. This allows announcements to be broadcast across the entire club, or limited to one zone of the Sonos speakers.


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